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Mid-Atlantic Packaging offers retail consulting for retail ready packaging solutions.

Big box retailers are always in search of new processes that can save them money on overhead. Even small changes to the supply chain can reap huge rewards in terms of efficiency. One such innovation has been the introduction of Retail Ready Packaging (RRP.)

Known also as pretty darn quick (PDQ), “shelf ready” or “display ready” packaging, retail ready packaging combines the display packaging for a retail product with its shipping container to create a self-contained solution for in-store displays such as:

  • End caps
  • Sidekick displays
  • Pallet displays
  • Shelf displays

RRP saves time when restocking a product on the shelf or sales floor by doing away with unnecessarily complicated displays that would otherwise need to be unpacked and assembled by hand. Using sound design principles and perforated corrugated cardboard, designers create durable shipping cartons that can be quickly repurposed into an eye-catching tray or shelf display.

Mid-Atlantic Packaging’s (MAP) retail consulting team has years of experience in creating RRP solutions for our customers. We work directly with retailers to ensure that our retail ready packaging complies with their unique specifications.

In addition to each retailer’s specific requirements, our packaging designs meet the “five easies” functional requirements needed for being labeled retail ready.

  • Easy to identify
  • Easy to open
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to shop
  • Easy to dispose of

We utilize proactive strategies by studying packaging designs from all over the world to extrapolate the best innovations for our clients. Mid-Atlantic Packaging then incorporates those forward-thinking principles into our designs.

Updated retailer style guides need not be a costly investment for your company.

When Wal-Mart released its 2016 style guide update for suppliers, MAP was already prepared for the changes to the retailer’s RRP requirements due to our early adoption of industry trends. Mid-Atlantic Packaging can even craft solutions around your existing infrastructure and manufacturing pipeline to minimize compliance costs.

Our consultants can also apply their expertise to pre-existing retail packaging designs. If a competing supplier’s existing design fails to conform to a retailer’s specifications, Mid-Atlantic Packaging’s retail consulting team draws upon our long-standing relationships with stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale Club and Wal-Mart to develop alternatives that comply with their brand guidelines.

Mid-Atlantic Packaging also offers COMPLIMENTARY International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) testing for our customers. Our independently certified lab is fully equipped with a precision drop tester, a slide impact tester, vertical vibration table and 15,000-lb compression machine to put your packaging designs to the test.

To discuss your project with one of our experienced retail consultants, contact us at today!