• May 31, 2017


    Mid-Atlantic Packaging Creates Product Designs That Optimize Labor and Manufacturing Costs for Our Client Partners

    Mid-Atlantic Packaging (MAP) creates product designs for our customers that optimize fiber content while also improving both the tensile and impact strength of the packaging. But that’s only part of the story. As partners to our clients, we also strive to reduce both labor and manufacturing costs.


    It all starts in our design lab, where our structural design specialists review the product and style requirements set by retailers and other end-user channels. For example, Wal-Mart has different requirements for on-shelf packaging than Walgreens or Costco. To minimize errors, MAP carefully reviews style guides and other reference materials to determine the appropriate style dictated by the end user.

    We continue the process by reviewing the design with production teams to ensure viability throughout the customer’s manufacturing chain. No two customers are the same. Some of our customers require a machine-erected case that will be auto-packed; others favor designs that are all done by hand. By thorough analysis of how the package will be utilized throughout production, MAP is able to develop the best option to reduce our customers’ costs.


    Next, we test prototypes for distribution and fiber concerns starting with theoretical strength analysis and ending with Box Compression Testing (BCT) in our ISTA-Certified testing lab. Using the most advanced testing equipment available, MAP strives to provide our customers with boxes that can withstand the highest compression stress with the lowest fiber content. Our test lab effectively simulates storage and distribution conditions to determine if boxes will successfully transport products properly under the specified criteria.

    Environmental Focus

    But that doesn’t mean our boxes are overengineered. We keep the fiber count in our boxes low not only to lower costs for our customers but also to minimize the impact on the environment. This isn’t always the easiest way, but MAP believes it’s the right way.

    Finally, we review the sample with our customer to ensure the design meets all their requirements and that they are satisfied with the final product. Our design and testing teams work hard every step of the way to deliver the best product to our customer at the right price.

    To learn more about how we can help optimize your labor and manufacturing costs, contact Mid-Atlantic Packaging today!