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  • August 02, 2017

    Improving Costs and Branding for Damascus Bakery

    Damascus Bakery had been using wire and wooden racks for their Brooklyn Bred product displays. Not only was this storage solution less-than-ideal from a branding perspective, but the wire racks were also expensive. As if that weren’t enough, the racks failed to store the product in a way that protected it from damage.

    Mid-Atlantic Packaging was brought in to design a better storage and display solution. Our engineers created a “dump” display that allowed the product to be stored flat while in the sales display. This eliminates the damage to the product caused by standing it on-end in the old wire displays.

    The dump display also offers a significant upgrade in branding over the wire racks. Our packaging solution combines the eye-catching logo for the Brooklyn Bred with a black and white brick face background that complements the brand’s “Brooklyn” aesthetic. We were even able to incorporate a QR code for marketing purposes.

    July_Damascus Dump Bin_Blog Post


    Mid-Atlantic’s re-vamped packaging display represents a significant improvement over the existing displays. Not only is the dump design easier to set up and tear down, the new design also reduces costs by more than eighty-five percent. In addition, the dump container holds twice as much inventory than the antiquated wire racks, allowing for a higher merchandise volume in the retail location.

    Mid-Atlantic Packaging can offer your business the same attention-to-detail and forward-thinking design. Let us look for ways to improve your branding and your bottom-line. Call us today at 215-362-5100 to get started.

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