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  • November 10, 2016

    2016 Walmart Style Guide Updates

    New 2016 Walmart Style Guide Updates Assistance From Mid-Atlantic Packaging

    In September Walmart published their new 2016 Walmart style guide updates for suppliers.  The style guide introduced new guidelines in retail ready packaging (RRP) that were not previously required of suppliers.  MAP has been at the forefront of RRP in the United States as a successful RRP company and supplier.  We began over 8 years ago, traveling to Europe and identifying uses and strategies before the requirements in the United States.  Then we created designs and began selling this trend to our customers.  Therefore, MAP has the RRP manufacturing experience to provide you a cost effective RRP solution that fits Walmart guidelines.

    MAP’s RRP designs hit all of the Walmart 5 Easies:

    Easy to Identify, Easy to Open, Easy to Stock, Easy to shop and Easy disposal.

    We offer perforated trays, Delkor alternatives, tray in a box, 5 panel RSC (our dual panel), as well as stacked trays, sidekicks, pallet displays, end-cap displays, PDQ displays, Walmart Ship testing (ISTA testing) in house at NO CHARGE to our customers.  We design our packaging to fulfill the use of an exit strategy at store level.  Our designers create displays that shop down cleanly and are able to transition to shelf level to employ a fluid exit strategy in store.

    The new Walmart requirements need not be a costly investment for your company.  MAP will work to utilize existing equipment and optimize your supply chain to keep costs narrowly in check.  We will cut labor out of assembly by providing a package that won’t require a timely build, and we strive to assist in maintaining or increasing your product margins.  Call us today to discuss how we can be your competitive advantage!

    5 panel RSC (Dual Panel)

    5 panel RSC (Dual Panel)

  • November 07, 2016

    Private Label Manufacturing Show